The Northeast Arizona Training Center (NATC) concept began as a partnership between the members of the Northeastern Arizona Fire Chief’s Association and Abitibi Consolidated Inc., both interested in providing a Training Center within the region to promote and improve firefighting skills.

As the scope of the training needs was being considered, it became apparent to the architects of the plan that the needs were much broader than the structural fire community first envisioned. Local law enforcement agencies were also desperate for a Training Center where they could offer defensive and tactical low speed driving training. The Rodeo-Chedeski fire brought the stark reality of a Wildland fire terrorist threat to every resident and emergency service organization in the White Mountains. The outpouring of requests for Wildland fire cross training as well as curriculum development in the high schools and colleges was a wake up call for vocational educators.

The attack of September 11th, 2001 made it even more evident that the security of our Country would be forever changed. NATC will now focus beyond just law enforcement and fire issues by maximizing the use of the land and local resources while offering a variety of “all-risk” Homeland Security training, certification and career education. An energized commitment to national pride refocused the mission of the Training Center to one of “Training Emergency Professionals for Public Service”. Emergency personnel are needed from all sectors of our communities, thus private and public entities alike have become and integral part of the Training Center plan.

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